Dear Visitor

In the tide of life I have dabbled and played, and through most of it I have done it with the joy and fun of a kid. I once chose as my epitaph, “Oh, crap! I wasn’t finished playing yet!” I started as a cartoonist, but having fun and drawing funny things editors will pay for are different things. I moved on to editorial cartooning, but I wasn’t mad enough, or knowledgeable enough. I wrote PR copy for awhile. I did freelance artwork. I was an art director and a TV producer and a photographer. I have done set designs and set construction. For the last 20 or 30 years, my tools and brushes have been primarily computer related.

When the tide of my life started pushing outwardly I took up woodturning, mostly to relax and make wood shavings and toothpicks. But then it became a new passion for me. Look carefully and you can identify its, progression. Visit, again and I think you will see a progression from things made in the style of the more traditional craft to objects that are more whimsical.




Sid Webb